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Wells Project Update

Update On Wells Project


Ever wonder how successful our fundraising ventures have been?

In 2004-5 Dave Hicks as chair of the Men’s club championed the clean well project in Cambodia.  As a club at that time we raised $5,000 for a well in a remote village under the auspices of Hope International Development Agency.  That well enabled families in the village to have clean water and the children did not have to walk four miles each way to fetch water.  The well improved the hygiene and sanitation for the village.

When Dave’s mother passed away in 2006 as a memorial he funded a school in the village and children can attend school and do not have to spend their day fetching water.  Since the school was built in 2007, hundreds of children have learned in the classrooms of “Grandma’s School,” the name given to the school.

As a footnote to the projects, as a Memorial to Carole, Dave’s wife who passed away in 2008 he funded the Carole Hicks Memorial Clinic and tens of thousands have been helped since the clinic opened.  It is amazing the success from that well.

Thanks for making a difference in our fund raising efforts.

Children Outside "Grandma's School"

Children In Classroom

Children Are Served Well

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