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Alf Roth Is Our New Web Guy

Many thanks to Doug Roberts for taking on the role of keeping our website active over the past year.  Alf Roth has now taken on the challenge and we know he will carry on the fine tradition of managing the site.

A special thank you to our original Web Master, Jack Fearnall, for doing an amazing job of creating and then managing our website for many many years.


While most of 2020 and all of 2021 has seen our activities come to a grinding halt, we have planned that in 2022 there will be opportunities for some activities to begin once again.  Please see our Calendar of Events 2022 for further information.  As activities start up we will ensure they are posted to our website.


Should you have any articles that you would like posted on our website please forward them to Alf Roth for review by the executive. 


Any comments or issues with this site please email Alf Roth by clicking this icon.

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