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October Dinner MeetingReport

Dave Hicks - Trip to Cambodia - October 12th Dinner Meeting

Our dinner meeting on Thursday, October 12th, hosted by the Allenford Community Centre began with 48 members enjoying the opportunity to sit and mingle while sipping a cool beverage prior to the business portion of the meeting.

President Dennis began the meeting by welcoming everyone in attendance. After the introduction of several guests, we welcomed two new members to our club.

Our treasurer Alec Moore, reported that our current bank balance was $1154.38 prior to tonight's dinner meeting.

Reports were then given on various Men’s Club updates since our last meeting regarding the Spring Road Cleanup, the Touch-A-Truck event, the Annual Chesley Lake Golf Tournament and our Bocce Ball Tournament.

President Dennis then presented a Certificate of Recognition to our two retiring Board Members, Ken Frook and Lloyd Sheridan honouring their combined 40 years of service to the Men’s Club. We will miss their strong leadership skills and are grateful for their dedication and generosity of time, guidance and mentorship to the organization's members and leaders.

Looking to the future and sustainability of the Men's Club, Dennis made an appeal to the membership asking for members to join the leadership team of our club 

Additional reports on upcoming events were also presented. Dave Corbett is once again managing our Salvation Army Christmas Kettle Campaign and will be looking for 60 time slots to be filled this December. Future event details including the return of our Annual Shuffleboard Tournament, the Remembrance Day Laying of Wreath, and our proposed 2024 Local Fundraising Plans were mentioned.

Membership Dues - In order to ensure our club is better able to continue providing meaningful support to the needs of the community, discussion took place to increase the annual dues to $20 per member in 2025.  As a result, a motion to increase the annual dues to $20 per member was made by Peter Lewko, seconded by Dennis Sisko and carried unanimously by a show of hands from the membership.

We also received an informative update from member Bob Hopton on the status of the proposed reconstruction of the Hepworth/Shallow Lake Legion building with plans currently submitted for approval and construction potentially taking place in 2024.

Following the blessing, we all enjoyed a delicious dinner of Ham, scalloped potatoes, mixed vegetables and buns along with Dessert and Coffee prepared by the Allenford Curling Club.​

Our guest speaker, David Hicks was introduced by Cliff Bilyea, although he really needed no introduction to this group, David being our Men’s Club inaugural President in the early 2000’s. David took us on an incredible journey that you would never find on trip adviser or any travel brochure and it all started with our own Men’s Club.

Trip to Cambodia - Highlights of David’s presentation

  • A well project is very unique. Once the well is dug and clean water becomes available, that well keeps giving and giving without further money donations. One jungle-area well can meet the needs of 2 or 3 families. Clean water brings health and that one well will keep repeating the health benefits generation after generation.


  • Dirty, polluted water requires large families because typhoid and other water-borne illnesses will kill +/- 50% of all children before 10 years old. In Cambodia’s jungle areas, there is no population census, no internet, no roads, no mail delivery, no addresses. There are thousands of nomadic hunter-gatherers, but their locations are unknown and they offer no taxation benefit to government and the government is not prepared to build schools or health services for unknown families.


  • With a very high mortality rate and no government pensions or any other government benefits, children become the retirement plan and care givers for each successive generation. Polluted drinking/cooking water brings, at a minimum, constant low-grade fevers that lead to serious illnesses and early deaths.


  • Each well that is built provides a “door” to leave extreme poverty and inevitable illnesses. For the children, that “door” opens the possibility for school, and a hopeful future.


  • For the Men’s Club, the price of only one coffee per month per member would provide clean water wells to save the lives of literally hundreds of children.  I know, because I have seen it happening!


Following David’s Presentation, he was thanked by President Dennis for sharing his incredible journey with us.

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