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Loblaws Card Program

See update below

As most of you will know from news reports Loblaws has overcharged customers for bread products for several years and has now offered a $25 voucher to all eligible Canadians.  The executive of the Sauble & Area Men's Club has made the suggestion that club members be asked to consider a plan that would benefit our local food bank greatly and be in keeping with our club's purpose of assisting individuals and organizations in need.

Our suggestion is that all of our club members apply for the $25 voucher from Loblaws and that we donate all the vouchers to the Wiarton Food Bank.  By taking just a few minutes of our time we could raise in the area of $4,000 to $5,000 if all our members participated.  An even better idea is to use the voucher yourself and donate he $25 to the Food Bank and receive a receipt for income tax purposes.

The program is already underway and vouchers will be issued to eligible persons.  We are suggesting that when you apply and receive your voucher that you hold onto it and bring it to our Tuesday, April 24th dinner meeting where we will present all the vouchers to a representative of the Wiarton Food Bank.  

It is simple to apply.  Just click on Loblaws Card Program and complete the application. Even better, encourage everyone you know to do the same.  Imagine what a difference we can make!

IMPORTANT! be sure to activate the card when you receive it.  The card is of no value until it is activated.

Thanks for your consideration of this fundraiser.


To read more about the Loblaw's Gift Card click on this PDF.

Fundraiser Update


As of April 25th we have over $650 dollars in donations to the Salvation Army Wiarton Food Bank from givings at the Dinner on April 24th.  We have more to come in yet and Don Riddell or any other executive member will gladly take your contribution.  As a second drop off centre the Sauble Beach United Church has also collected over $300 dollars in cards or cheques.  Many thanks for donating your gift cards to the Food Bank.


If you  have not done this, it's not too late.  All you have to do is apply to:


Once received, activate and use the $25 dollar card.  Present a cheque to any of our executive members and we will forward your donation to the Salvation Army Wiarton Food Bank

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