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October Dinner Meeting

October Dinner Meeting Report

On October 15th, 2019 Sauble Area Men’s Club had another well attended dinner meeting at the Hepworth Legion.  Ninety-four men were treated to a delicious stuffed pork supper.

We began our meeting with the presentation of a well deserved $300 donation to the Hepworth Legion, as well as a $50 contribution to the Poppy Fund by Lloyd Sheridan.

During the meeting Ken Frook manned a table accepting final donations towards the Owen Sound Regional Health Foundation’s MRI Fund with a final tally of over $7,500.00.  Well done gentlemen and thank you Ken.

The evening closed with a presentation by Henry Reinders who explained the Canadian Foodgrains Project.  It was extremely informative and illustrated how valuable the plan is to countries around the world that need our help.  Since some local churches support Canadian Foodgrains it was rewarding to all to hear Henry speak of its success.   Don Riddell presented Henry with a donation towards the project.

It may be of interest to you that the Sauble Beach and St. Andrew's United Church Pastoral Charge has, since the year 2000,  been doing the growing project on land behind the Sauble Beach United Church.  This project has has raised over $16,000 for CFGB. This equates to over $65,000 with the federal government's quadruple assistance program added in.  This past year's crop was wheat.  The planting and harvesting of the crop is done by Sherwood Farms and is directed by Ross Trask, a member of our club.

Gentlemen, I bring to your attention another worthwhile project that we conduct annually.  Please don’t forget to help man the Salvation Army Kettle Drive at Valumart which is happening in the month of December.  Contact Dave Corbett by email or phone 519-422-5004.

Our next dinner meeting is February 4th, 2020.  The speaker will be Dr. Larry Schmidt.  He will discuss the benefits of a plant based diet and alternative lifestyles.  With our group, he may have an uphill task to accomplish!

Thank you, gentlemen.


Dennis Heathers,

President, SAMC 

Henry Reinders Speaking
Ken Frook Reporting
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