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October-December Reports

October Dinner Meeting Report
There were ninety-seven men and three guest in attendance for our meeting on Tuesday, October 16th.  The meeting began with a relaxing time of interaction and reports on what the club has done and is doing.  There was also a presentation made to Bill Vanstone who represented the Legion and was given with gratitude for all the Legion has done for our club.  This preceded a delicious meal of chicken breast with all the trimmings including pie.  Thanks to the members of the Hepworth/Shallow Lake Legion for providing us with such a wonderful meal and the venue for our meeting.
We then moved on to be introduced to our three guest, all representatives of the of the Owen Sound Attack.  While most of our men attending have a keen interest in hockey and support our local club, even those who have little interest found the presentations not only interesting but inspiring.  As one commented to me on the way out: "I came to the meeting expecting to have little interest in the subject but found the presentations fascinating.  I was impressed and glad I came!"  And is it any wonder!  To hear Dr. Bob Severs tell of how the Attack organization came into being and how it has progressed to this stage is a story of complete and utter dedication to a cause and the will to carry it through.  While Dr. Severs has much to do with the clubs success it took several others in the community to keep the club viable with financial backing and input.  Notably still involved are Faye Harshman and Peter and Paul MacDermid as well as Dr. Severs.  Frank Coulter, until his untimely passing in 2017, was also an owner and passionate and important part of this group.  It was inspiring to hear Maksim Sushko of Brest, Belarus who plays left wing and Manuel Alberg of Koln, Germany who plays right wing tell of their experience as players and how they were enticed to come to Owen Sound and what effect it has and is having on their careers and their hopes and dreams of the future.  

It is an evening that will be remembered for some time and that will, without doubt, make all of us more aware and thankful for the Owen Sound Attack and those who have made it all happen.  Our sincere thanks go out to Dr. Severs, Maksim and Manuel for sharing with us and to Dennis Heathers for his work in organizing this terrific event.
Dr. Bob Severs
Maksim Sushko
Manuel Alberg
2nd Annual “Harvey Brush Memorial” Shuffleboard Tournament
Shuffle 1.jpg
Shuffle 2.jpg
Shuffle 3.jpg
1st Place Bill Cutting - Gerry
First Place
Bill Cutting & Gerry Varley
This year’s annual shuffleboard tournament was well attended once again despite the snowy weather, with 24 shufflers registered for the day.
Prior to the beginning of play, the men were all piped in by a recording of the McLaren Pipe and Drum Band in honour of Harry.  Players drew cards to determine their partners and play began shortly after 9:00 a.m.  Great fun was had by all with some amazing shots made by both the veteran shufflers and the novice players.  Competition was serious at times with several games going down to the very last shot to determine the winner.
At our half time break lots of good conversation along with coffee, muffins and donuts were enjoyed by all in attendance. 
First place in this year’s tournament went to the team of and Bill Cutting and Gerry Varley after going undefeated with four wins on the day.  Second place went to the team of Joe Podgornik and Jack Grewar and third place went to the team of Ted Johnson and Don Zimmer.
Thanks go out to the veteran shufflers for putting up with us rookies, but a special thank you is extended to Cecil and Joan Groves for a job well done in organizing this event and keeping track of the scoring.  Everyone in attendance had a great time and we hope to see you back out there next year.
We remind everyone that shuffleboard is not just an annual one day event but is open to anyone wishing to play every Monday morning starting at 9:00 a.m. at the Sauble Beach Community Centre.  No experience is required and the cost is only $1.50 and that includes coffee.
2nd Place Jack Grewar - Joe
Second Place 
Jack Grewer & Joe Podgornik
3rd place Ted Johnson - Don Zimmer.jpg
Third Place
Ted Johnson & Don Zimmer
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